Personality & Leadership Styles

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Based on my Myers-Briggs assessment, I have determined that my personality type is an ENFJ (Extrovert/ Intuition/ Feeler/ Judger). Described as one who is expressive and empathetic, who enjoys working to manifest a humanitarian vision and helps others develop their potential. With this understanding, I can see how my life as a teacher and organizer has allowed me to flourish. Based on the assessment I can see God’s work in my life to bring me to an understanding of who I am.

My skill set has been able to develop based on the variety of positions that I have held. I am a people person that bases decisions on intuition and the gut reaction I have while making these sharp, critical decisions. I tend to motivate others and bring them to the point of buying-in to the vision of what is at hand. I can be a catalyst to bring change and am often the one to notice that there is a needed change. Communication is another ability that I have been able to develop and use to share information to a variety of groups in the range from a small group to groups of 1000 plus. With these skills, I have been able to develop into the leader that God would have me to be, one who is a visionary that can analyze a problem or situation and make a right decision in the face of change.

Through the DiSC personality profile assessment, I identified as an SC. This type of personality is a peacemaker. Upon reading the description of the peacemaker, it was as if I was revealing my own heart. Peacemakers have a kind nature that is detail oriented. We care about people and demonstrate that through decision-making. Our desire is to be in a small group of people rather than the large crowd, and we will only keep a few close friends. Often the liability of this profile is that they care too much for people and are not able to make the difficult decision to terminate when needed. Criticism is also an area that the peacemaker struggles with, as they try their hardest in everything, they do, the criticism feels like a personal attack. These have all be my experience as a peacemaker. Other individuals said to be of the same personality traits are Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, and Henry Kissinger. I feel as if I am in excellent company with my calling to the pastorate.

My top five strengths, according to Strengths Finder, in order of efficacy are strategic, achiever, adaptability, connectedness, and relator. The strongest of these qualities are being or thinking strategic (ly).


Through assessing my individual talents by my investment, the overwhelming strength identified was being strategic or thinking strategically. Strengths Finder 2.0 defines this as “creating alternative ways to proceed or quickly spotting the relevant patterns and issues in any given scenario.”[1] In my life, this characteristic has materialized through attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and the quick ability to determine the health of any given scenario. The next quality identified by this assessment is an achiever.


The second highest rated characteristic is that of the achiever. The achiever is not simply one who tries hard or does their best, Rath defines the achiever as “people who have a great deal of stamina, work hard and take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.”[2] In my life, this has manifested itself through the pursuit of education, ministry development, and home renovations. In everything that I attempt, I am not satisfied until I have been successful at completing whatever task I have begun. Along with this comes a need for adaptability, which is the next quality of focus.


The third characteristic identified by the Strengths Finder assessment in my life is that of adaptability. This can be defined as “preferring to ‘go with the flow’, tending to be a ‘now’ person who takes things as they come and discovers the future one day at a time.”[3] Adaptability has shown itself in my life through my laid-back attitude and melancholy spirit. When one partners adaptability with being an achiever and strategic thought the strength of adaptability means that I can analyze any given scenario and work diligently to bring about the needed outcomes while taking things as they come. The next strength identified is connectedness.


The fourth strength that was determined by the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment was connectedness. The definition provided by Rath for connectedness is “having faith in the links between all things; believing there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.”[4] It is with this that I am able to identify and provide insight into the most disjointed beliefs while holding on to the two separate ideologies. This is where I see American Christianity needing a tremendous amount of growth and where I hope to provide great assistance. The final strength identified is being a relator.


The fifth and final strength that this assessment identified in my life is that of being a relator. According to the assessment, a relator is a “person who enjoys close relationships with others and finds deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.”[5] This provides insight into my being a team player that enjoys working with others to achieve a goal. Being a relator wraps up the results of the Strengths Finder 2.0 assessments and brings insight into my strengths.

These personality and leadership style assessments provided a depth of insight into the way that I function and live my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have had to take these assessments in order to gain this insight into myself. The value is immeasurable. Although, there are a few books I have read which pricked my heart and caused my life to stir for greater ministry effectiveness.

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