Since graduating from Liberty University in 1998, I have had the privilege of working in various forms of ministry. From being a middle and high school Bible teacher to being, a youth pastor and even combining the two positions. These roles provided me with the opportunity to develop the spiritual formation of today’s youth. Throughout this time, I knew that there was more in store for me as I continued throughout my spiritual journey.

The first ministry position I was in at Atlantic Shores Christian School was that of middle school Bible teacher. Here I had the privilege of teaching seventh and eighth grade Old and New Testament Survey. The depth of knowledge that I was able to gain expanded my understanding and provided me with the resources to develop true application principles for the students. I would definitely evaluate this period as one of growth for the students and myself as we journeyed through Scripture together.

Next, I was at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church, as the Assistant Youth Pastor. During this period, the church was going through a staffing change and the current Youth Pastor was moving to the Executive position. For six months, I was able to shepherd the student ministry through the Lord’s leading and the ministry grew tremendously, not only in numbers but also in depth of surrender. After this time, the church brought in a new Youth Pastor that had a different perspective of ministry and I was let go. Overall, I would evaluate this period as a success, but also identify the amount of growth that was needed on my part to continue in ministry.

Continuing in an academic ministry position at Greenbrier Christian Academy as the Director of Middle School Discipleship and Activities (and High School Bible teacher). In this position, I was able to develop the discipleship program for the Middle School as well as oversee the chapel program. During this time, the students experienced various challenges that guided them into a deeper surrender of their life to Christ. These challenges came from the chapel services, but also during the various small groups that developed over the years in this position. In addition, I was personally discipling a group of guys that were not the first choice of the High School Discipleship Director. The guys became an important aspect of my ministry and are still active in my life today. Overall, this time of ministry is probably my most fruitful experience thus far, but I know the Lord has a tremendous plan ahead for me.

In 2005, I began at Norfolk Christian School where I was the Middle School Chapel Coordinator (and Middle School Bible teacher). Like Greenbrier, I oversaw that chapel services and revolutionized the school’s previous perspective of this weekly event. Taking the service from a joke-filled one verse read time to a worshipful experience with meaningful preaching the students grew in leaps and bounds over the course of my tenure. This time of ministry is one I look back on as a success but also felt the burden for more adult-minded ministry opportunities.

Although my position was as a volunteer, I was the Director of Small Group Ministry at Bayside Baptist Church. Here I had the opportunity to influence the spiritual formation of the congregants. Through the semester based small groups system, the congregants are able to pursue spiritual formation in various areas of their life. The development and implementation of the small groups provided me with the opportunity to minister to the congregation through investing in their individual lives by developing their desire for personal spiritual renewal. Overall, this period was challenging as the adults were not as easily motivated in their spiritual formation as their student counterparts. Yet, I know that through consistent offerings they were able to grab a hold of their own spiritual formation.

As Director of Synergy Student Ministry at Baylake United Methodist Church, I had the opportunity to truly utilize my gifts in developing  Synergy Student Ministry. Synergy exists to glorify God by building the community in the students of Baylake and Hampton Roads through the pursuit of God and in service to all. Under my leadership, the ministry had seen tremendous growth over the two years and continues to grow. Our goal was the transformation of the world, starting right here in Hampton Roads!

The next ministry opportunity came as Director of Family Ministry at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church. This position was responsible for influencing families of the preschool, nursery, children’s, students, young, and mature adults. Included in this was the development and implementation of the Mid.Week services with a full slate of small group offerings, The Gathering, and dinner, as well as, quarterly outreach events, monthly student ministry activities, planning of district and conference events.

Through this time-frame, I have been able to develop personal and professional goals that enable me to minister both now and in the future. These goals reflect the work that God is perpetuating in my heart and desires me to pursue in life. They reflect each portion of my life and provide the context in which I sense God leading my ministry both personally and professionally.


My foremost personal goal is always to love God, my wife and sons, and others with agape style love. Another personal goal is to be the leader and provider this family needs and deserves. In order to accomplish this, I must obtain a position in ministry where I can fulfill the passion and desires God has ignited in my heart. This position will enable me to continue to meet with individuals to share Christ, disciple, and invest in future generations. Lastly, I graduated with my Doctor of Ministry degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2017.


Concerning my professional goals, I desire to minister alongside other passionate believers shaping the future of Christianity. The ministry that God desires me to establish will focus on equipping the people of God for the mission of loving with abandon. Through sincere worship experiences, passionate preaching, missional community, and purposeful outreach the local church will relentlessly pursue the great commission as lived out in the local area, the state, the nation, and the world. With this as my philosophy for ministry, I believe that the church can properly fulfill the Great Commission while living out the Great Commands. I know God has a tremendous plan in store for me as I journey through this program and beyond. I am eager to begin this journey and look forward to the adventure.