Book Review of Unleash! by Perry Noble


The first words that come to mind after reading Unleash! by Perry Noble, is “Thank you!” The power found within the pages of this book can bring freedom from one’s personal burdens. With chapters that explore life’s true meaning, discarding our past hindrances, carrying more than we can handle, and unleashing the work of God within you, Unleash! will provide the reader with scripture, cultural relevance, and personal illustrations that guide the unleashing.

“If we want to be unleashed- if we want to live the abundant life Jesus promised- then we can’t allow what used to defeat us to define us. (pg. 36)” In order to redefine our lives according to the promises that Jesus expressed Unleash! explores living beyond the mediocre, mundane lives that many of us wake-up to each morning:

  • “It’s completely possible to live a life beyond normal.”
  • “It’s completely possible to live with purpose rather than stumbling through our days trying to figure it out.”
  • “It’s completely possible to live a life marked by freedom and passion rather than one filled with regret and shame.”
  • “It’s completely possible to live in right relationships with other people rather than letting unforgiveness hold us hostage.”
  • “It’s completely possible to end strong and the finish line rather than limping along in defeat.”
  • “It’s completely possible to move beyond normalcy and embrace the abundant life God has for us. (xi)”

I would encourage anyone struggling with the burdens of their past, anyone praying for a release of the Holy Spirit on their lives or their church, or anyone who desires to live the abundant life Jesus promised to read Unleash! by Perry Noble.