Spiritual Gifts Profile


When looking into spiritual gifts there are different types of testing that one can utilize for assessment. For this writing, I will be looking at the spiritual gifts test created by Don and Katie Fortune in Discovering Your God-Given Gifts. The gifts that they address are perceiver, server, teacher, exhorter, giver, administration, and compassion. I will break these gifts into two sections as identified in the book (speaking and serving)[1].

The speaking gifts are gifts used as if the individual is speaking for God[2]. The gifts of teaching, perceiving, exhorting and administrating are these gifts. The gift of teaching is defined as someone who researches and teaches the Bible. Perceiving can be defined as one who declares the will God in the lives of others. The gift of exhorting follows the definition of one who encourages personal progress. While the gift of administration is one who can give leadership and direction[3]. These gifts are influential amongst all believers, but not all possess these exact gifts.

The other set of gifts that individuals can possess are the serving gifts. These gifts are defined as being able to serve others with strength[4]. Compassion, giving and serving are the gifts that can be identified as the serving gifts. The gift of compassion can be defined as providing personal and emotional support for others. Giving is sharing material assistance with those in need, while the gift of serving can be defined as rendering practical service for another[5]. These gifts are individual and can be expressed differently in each person.

In my life, the assessment identified teaching, administration, and exhortation as my main areas of giftedness. As seen below in the chart, the definitiveness of my primary and secondary gifts is scene. The following paragraphs will delve deeper into how these gifts are being manifest in my life.

At this time, in my life the gift of teaching is expressed through the small group ministry of Bayside Baptist Church. Currently, I am in the rotation of teachers for the youth ministry, singles ministry, adult small groups and have experience preaching. I enjoy the opportunities to share the Word of God in this manner and am continually looking for more.

My secondary gift, administration, currently is utilized through my studies and in the organization of the small group ministry. While previously, I have been able to utilize this gift through administrating the daily operations of various organizations. It is through these that I am able to organize and establish leadership to others. This is exciting to me and I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in these.

Lastly, exhortation is also manifest through working with the small group ministry, youth ministry, and with the singles. I am able to develop the individuals and equip them for positive personal growth through these opportunities to preach. Those that are apart of these groups have the opportunity to listen and apply the information being passed on, while I am able to utilize my three highest-ranking spiritual gifts.

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