Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment


Based on my Myers-Briggs assessment, I have determined that my personality type is an ENFJ (Extrovert/ Intuition/ Feeler/ Judger). This type of personality is described as one who is expressive and empathetic, who enjoys working to manifest a humanitarian vision and helps others develop their potential. With this understanding, I can see how my life as a teacher and organizer has allowed me to flourish. It is based on the assessment that I can see God’s work in my life to bring me to an understanding of who I am.



ENFJ (Photo credit: miss_rogue)


My skill set has been able to develop based on the variety of positions that I have held. I am a people person that bases decisions on intuition and the gut reaction I have, while making these sharp, critical decisions. I tend to motivate others and bring them to the point of buying-in to the vision of what is at hand. I can be a catalyst to bring change and am often the one to notice that a change needs to be made. Communication is another ability that I have been able to develop and use to share information to a variety of groups in range from a small group to groups of 1000 plus. With these skills, I have been able to develop into the leader that God would have me to be, one who is a visionary that can analyze a problem or situation and make a right decision in the face of change.