In line with the three books that have influenced my life over that past three years, my personal and professional goals also line-up with each other. These goals reflect the work that God is perpetuating in my heart and desires me to pursue in life. They reflect each portion of this essay and provide the context in which I sense God leading my ministry both personally and professionally.


My foremost personal goal is always to love God, my wife and son, and others with agape style love. Another personal goal is to be the leader and provider this family needs and deserves. In order to accomplish this, I must obtain a position in ministry where I can fulfill the passion and desires God has ignited in my heart. This position will enable me to continue to meet with individuals to share Christ, disciple, and invest in future generations. Lastly, I desire to graduate with a Doctor of Ministry degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Concerning my professional goals, I desire to minister alongside other passionate believers shaping the future of Christianity. The ministry that God desires me to establish will focus on equipping the people of God for the mission of loving with reckless abandon. Through sincere worship experiences, passionate preaching, missional community, and purposeful outreach the local church will relentlessly pursue the great commission as lived out in the local area, the state, the nation, and the world. With this as my philosophy for ministry, I believe that the church can properly fulfill the Great Commission while living out the Great Commands. I know God has a tremendous plan in store for me as I journey through this program and beyond. I am eager to begin this journey and look forward to the adventure.