DiSC Personality Assessment


English: President Barack Obama meets with Rev...

English: President Barack Obama meets with Rev. Billy Graham at his house in Montreat, N.C., April 25, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The four areas of the DiSC personality profile are Dominate/ Driver, Influencing/ Inspiring, Stable/ Steady, and Compliant/ Correct. These four areas are within all individuals, but with varying degrees. Each person will have one area that stands out over the rest, with generally a close second. The assessment breaks down these four areas into twenty-four questions that reflect the individual’s response from one area of life (work, home, social, etc). The remainder of this section will describe each of these four areas.




The first area within the DiSC personality profile assessment is D. This stands for Dominate/ Driver. This type of person could be generally characterized as direct, decisive, with a high view of self, they strive on problem solving and being a risk taker. This individual’s greatest fear is that they will be taken advantage of. They are most likely living an active lifestyle that is task oriented.




The second area within the DiSC personality profile assessment is I. This stands for Influencing/ Inspiring. The general characteristics are enthusiasm, trust, optimistic, persuasive and impulsive, often emotional and talkative. Their greatest fear is being rejected. They are often living an active lifestyle that is more people oriented than task oriented.




The third area within the DiSC personality profile assessment is S. This stands for Stable/ Steady. The general characteristics are being a good listener, a team player that is steady, understanding, loyal, and reliable. Their greatest fear is a loss of security. They are often people oriented, yet passive in approach.




The fourth area within the DiSC personality profile assessment is C. this stands for Compliant/ Correct. The general characteristics are being highly accurate and analytical, conscientious yet careful, a precise fact finder with high standards, and a systematic approach. Their greatest fear is criticism. They are passive in approach, while being a task oriented in accomplishment.




Through the DiSC personality profile assessment, I was identified as an SC. This type of personality is described as a peacemaker. Upon reading the description of the peacemaker, it was as if I was revealing my own heart. Peacemakers have a kind nature that is detail oriented. We care about people and demonstrate that through decision-making. Our desire is to be in a small group of people rather than large crowd, yet we will only keep a few close friends. Often the liability of this profile is that they care too much for people and are not able to make the difficult decision to terminate when needed. Criticism is also an area that the peacemaker struggles with, as they try their hardest in everything, they do, the criticism feels like a personal attack. These have all be my experience as a peacemaker. Other individuals said to be of the same personality are Billy Graham, Mother Teresa, and Henry Kissinger. I feel as if I am in excellent company with my calling to the pastorate.