Conversion & Call


I was a local standout athlete, who had opportunities to experience things that someone in middle school should not. Through these experiences, I participated in many activities that I should not have. Then one Sunday after taking part the night before in a local party, we were at church and it was as if the pastor knew exactly what I had done the night before. He continued to share how the negative things we do in this life are sin and how that sin separates us from God for all eternity. I regularly felt bad for the things that I was participating in, so I knew what the pastor meant by being separated from God. I did not want to experience this separation for all eternity, so on June 28, 1988 I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Once again, we know that things were not perfect from there, but with the forgiveness of God and the knowledge that I can spend eternity with Him, I now had a freedom to choose what is right.

I wanted to be experience something called discipleship, but there was no one who knew of or felt able to assist me in my desire. Through my years in high school, I still sought after this discipleship, but still could not find someone to share his or her life with me. Yet, throughout this time, I knew that God had set ministry in my heart and for that reason each summer I would work at a Christian camp in Maryland. Here I first felt the call into full-time ministry. It was then that I decided to attend Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY. At Word of Life, I was able to grow and comprehend the urgency in my faith to work in full-time ministry. After Word of Life, I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion and began my career as a middle and high school Bible teacher. This form of ministry allowed me to collaborate with area churches for the spiritual formation of our joint students. Yet, I knew my passion was for a future ministry in the church. Today I understand that my role will be one of executive pastor with the potential for a future pulpit ministry.